Hiring an Interior Designer FAQ

January 2, 2021

Reading Time: 2 minutes
What are the benefits of hiring an interior designer?

When thinking about whether to hire an Interior Designer there are several questions to ask yourself. The first quest must always be what are my most important priorities, those priorities create structure in an unruly and potentially expensive process? Secondly, what are my obstacles, these can be your budget or just not knowing where to start? The beginning can be the most daunting part; what is my style, where to buy, where to place furniture, how can this space be best utilized, and a hundred other moving parts.  An Interior Designer can offer multiple interior design services. The services offered by some designers can be hourly consultations, purchase coordination, designer plans, or full project implementation. It is important to make sure you match the service with the benefits that align with your needs, wants, and challenges that are specific to your project. Hiring an interior designer is something that should be done with care. A designer can help you figure out what type of client you are, perhaps you are a do-it-yourself type when it comes to your space or maybe you want a collaborator or? A designer can help you with multiple services when it comes to your project.


How long does the interior design process take?

An interior Designer’s average project for a house or a room can be anywhere up to a year if it’s a giant house interior design project with a house of massive proportions. But the majority of interior designers can work on a project for an average of 2-3 months. If there are some lead times and custom items the average moves to 4-5 months. but the majority should take 6-8 months depending on the complexity of the client’s demands; as well as the complexity of the design. Some have construction some have the only decor. It all depends. But the interior design industry mostly sees make sure to ask your designer what timeline she sees happens the most regularly.


What to ask an interior designer on your first meeting?

What questions to ask a designer; are very important when it comes to hiring an interior designer. Make sure your Designer is comfortable answering questions about the process along the way of the project. For the first meeting with your Designer, good questions to ask are: what is her style? What types of interior projects does she enjoy working with. What should you expect from hiring a designer?   What is your role as the client?  What should your expectations be for the interior design process?


What to know before hiring an interior designer?

The designer can help with multiple steps along with a renovation project. But it is important the client is realistic with their expectation from the designer’s performance. At the end of the day, interior design is an artistic representation of the client’s taste. But it is important the designer knows how to take the client’s needs and translate them into a design project. Hiring an interior designer is important if you feel overwhelmed and don’t know how to pull your desires altogether.  Also important when hiring an interior designer is if you have time to manage your own project or need a Designer to oversee the installation and coordinating all the finishing pieces of your space and rooms.