Do-It-Yourself Interior Design Service

November 16, 2020

Reading Time: < 1 minutes

If you are the confident “do-it-yourself” type, then we have a fantastic DIY- KIT that includes Lily’s design plans for your space, in a box! It’s called the “Z BOX!”

Whether you are starting a business and need help developing your brand and concept OR if you are an expecting mom curios, how to decorate the nursery, our Z Box package is the perfect solution to getting a designer’s ideas for your space on a budget!

Included in the designer Z BOX:

1. Concept Inspiration BoardIt gives you fun ideas on what to do with your space

2. Floor PlanWhere you can see all of your furniture laid out

3. Shopping ListTo know exactly what and where to buy things for your room, with the cost 

4. PerspectiveActual design drawings with everything laid out to see the final vision

5. Fabrics and Paint SamplesSo you know exactly the textures and color schemes for your design

Z BOX is the perfect answer for all of your interior design space struggles! Check out the video below and let’s connect to start designing your dream space on a budget!