diy package- “z box”


Per room

(up to 200 sq/ft)

If you are the confident “do-it-yourself” type, then we have a fantastic DIY- KIT that includes Lily’s design plans for your space: in a box!

Whether you are starting a business and need help developing your brand and concept OR if you are an expecting mom curios, how to decorate the nursery, our Z Box package is the perfect solution to getting a designer’s ideas for your space!

If you want nothing to do with a DIY plan, & dream of just entering your home only to have it be an interior design dream; call us to find out more about Lily Z.’s Full Design Services!

Essentially in this Interior Design Service: we do it all for you! We make your interior design project a- turn-the-key makeover! Lily does all the interior design plans for you! Once you approve the final edit round; Lily’s team will do all the ordering of the merchandise for the project. Her team will be there to project manage all the service men, subcontractors, upholsterers, & handy men to make your dream come reality! We install all your furniture/ accessories/ pillows/ window treatments- the full caboodle!!! All you have to do is say “GO” and watch as we transform you space with the utmost detail and avoid you all the hassle! You will be floored at what a difference an interior designed space can make in your life and to your peace of mind!

Full design services

In home consultations


– Struggling with your new apartments furniture plan?

– Can’t figure out how to get the maximum storage solutions for  your space with out compromising floor space?

– Tired of the overwhelming task of looking at endless furniture websites only to have to return an item for the 3rd time?!

Call Lily for a design consult, she can help you on the spot to figure out a solid design plan that is concise and gets you the most out of your space!